"You were nothing but a clusterfuck of indecision,
Yet I hung on your
You couldn’t decide,
Maybe it was me
You wanted,
Maybe not.
Or maybe you always knew.
You were nothing but a shitstorm
Of hurt that wiped,
And destroyed
My little town.
I told you everything, spared no
Pathetic detail on how I felt
About you,
But you took it all in stride.
How did I manage to fall for the wishy-washiest motherfucker on the planet?
Nothing ever really seemed to bother you, though.
I am very aware that merely the
Fact that you don’t reciprocate
My endearment,
Sentiment or
Is no cause for a hurricane of fury that my heart could erupt in.
You pretended you did.
You acted as if I was
The one,
But knew you had
Other options that you wanted to explore.
And at the same time, couldn’t
Let me leave.
Nothing about
The shit you say to me is platonic,
I’m not sure who you thought you were fooling with that one.
This is not how you treat someone that’s “Just A Friend”.
And what I now realize is that,
It isn’t me.
Never was, never will be.
It might not even be her,
But the only thing that really matters Is that it isn’t me.
Did you not realize that you’ve got my heart caught in a vice that wouldn’t let go?
Caught and mangled between jaws of
“I love you”
and “I’m sorry”
You know, they
Always say, “Actions speak much
Louder than words”
And I think maybe I took
That too heart a little
Too much, because,
What they had failed to mention is

bnc//the last poem I will ever write about you (via youwillunderstand)

(via acid-washed-thoughts)

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